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February 15, 2007

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Scientific Secretary:

GbR is a biennial workshop organised by the 15th Technical Committee of IAPR, which aims to encourage research works in Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis within the graph theory framework.

This workshop series traditionally provide a forum for presenting and discussing research results and applications in the intersection of pattern recognition, image analysis on one side and graph theory on the other side.

In addition, given the avenue of new structural/graphical models and structural criteria (e.g. belief-propagation, specific graphs under the constellation approach, graph-cuts, dominant sets) for solving computer-vision problems like segmentation, clustering, stereo, matching, and object recognition, this sixth edition encourages researchers in this more general context to actively participate in the workshop. Furthermore, the application of graphs to pattern recognition problems in other fields like computational chemistry and bioinformatics is also an important topic within the scope of the workshop.