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Chair: Francisco Escolano -- University of Alicante
Vice-Chair: Richard Wilson -- University of York

Structural and Syntactical Pattern Recognition (SSPR) is a core area of Pattern Recognition and was pioneered by King Sun-Fu. SSPR is based on the fundamental premise that "shape" or "patterns" in any domain (space, space-time, etc.) is encoded by the attributes of parts and their relations in the domain of reference. As a consequence of this many traditional Statistical Pattern Recognition paradigms do not apply and new models and techniques are required to accommodate such rich descriptions of structure.

IAPR's Technical Committee 2 on SSPR promotes interaction among researchers working on such fundamental issues and their applications in many domains. Topics of primary interest to members of this Technical Committee are:

General methodology:

  • Structural matching
  • Syntactic pattern recognition
  • Graph-based methods
  • Grammatical inference
  • Probabilistic and stochastic structural models
  • Machine learning and symbolic inference
Application domains:
  • Computer vision and image understanding
  • Shape analysis
  • Structural learning in spatial or spatio-temporal signals
  • Intelligent sensing systems
  • Spatio-temporal pattern recognition
  • Multimedia signal analysis
  • Document image analysis: handwriting, maps, drawings, etc.
  • Structured text analysis and understanding
  • Speech and one-dimensional signal analysis
  • Structure-based information retrieval
To date IAPR TC-2 has organized a number of workshops since its creation (see events page).

We maintain an electronic mailing list for TC-2 related activities, where information is communicated about TC-2's specific activities, other IAPR events of interest to our SSPR community and various other relevant announcements. You are welcome to join this list. For further information, or for any other request, you can send a mail to: Richard.Wilson@cs.york.ac.uk or sco@dccia.ua.es.

If you would like to be placed on our mailing list please send mail to Francisco Escolano (sco@dccia.ua.es) to this effect!

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